Flash and Hybrid Storage Arrays

Data Center storage is changing a a rapid pace. This is exciting and challenging with all of the storage options available now. I created this blog to be informative to those who are decision makers and those who utilize and work with these systems on a daily basis. Flash Storage has become main stream now as the cost of flash storage has diminished significantly in the last few years and reliability of flash has inversely increased .

Tegile’s concept of Buy once and refresh forever is great news for companies that have high needs for performance and capacity, but prohibited a budget to support these needs. With Tegile IntelliCare™ Lifetime Storage, you get a technology refresh of your entire storage system as part of your maintenance contract. When your new system is installed, a new Lifetime Storage program can be used with zero CAPEX outlay.

Tegile offers an impressive array of products such as the new Flash arrays line T4500, T4600, T4700 and T4800

Hybrid Arrays T4100     T4200     T4530     T4630     T4730     T4760     T4860

Tegile HD (High Density) Flash Arrays T10KHD-4-50     T10KHD-4-150     T10KHD-8-100     T10KHD-8-300

Tegile’s Intelliflash CP line that uses multiple controllers to scale horizontally as well as vertically.

The IntelliFlash Arrays are powered by Tegile’s IntelliFlash software architecture

And to top things off Tegile offers Intellicare which includes Cloud Analytics, Lifetime Storage and Tegiles Flash 5 Commitment

Pure Storage makes top rated All-Flash storage systems. You consolidate your workloads in 10x less space and get 10x better performance with Pure Storage storage arrays from Tier 1, Tier 2, Dev/Test and Big Data & Analytics.Pure Storage offer an impressive line of products check out their offering here.  The product line includes the Flash Array //M series which is comprised of the //10, //20, //50, //70 Flash Storage systems. Pure Storage stated that in its first year of shipments the Flash //m delivered 99.9999% availability – inclusive of non-disruptive upgrades and maintenance. This is impressive to say the least. And Pure Storage says that NVMe will be arriving soon and the sky’s the limit.

Tintri is another one of the newer top players in the storage arena they offer flash and hybrid storage systems. Tintri does away with Logical Unit Number (LUNs) and uses VM Aware store which uses vDisks. There are numerous advantages of using VM aware storage such as more efficient utilization of capacity. For example when a VM is scaled back capacity is automatically recaptured and made available for use by other VM’s. Protection schemas can be based on data type or even individual VMs. These policy based definitions can be applied to new storage in a non-disruptive fashion and finally thin provisioning makes adding capacity more efficient by not requiring reconfiguration of VMs or applications and therefore no down time.

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Hi my name is Julius I have over 18 years of experience working in information technology, My niche specialty is data storage systems and backup and recovery. I’ve most recently worked as a Backup and Recovery Administrator managing complex backup environments and storage systems.

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